CA, Chartered Accountant

Promptly issuing & replying Notices/ Letters to the authorities etc., as per instructions of the management to protect the business interest of the organization. Looking after the Scrutiny cases and various matters related to Income tax. Communication and Co-ordination with Banks and other financial institutions Monitoring and handling litigation under various laws. Drafting of Suits, Complaints, Appeals, Applications, and Petitions Filing for appeal for Income tax related matters before the NCLT and High Courts Handling of Income Tax cases u/s 143(3) of The Income Tax Act. Handling of Income Tax Cases u/s 148 of The Income Tax Act. To take up the income tax matters before The Ld. Commissioner of Income Tax Appeal. To take up the income tax matters before The Ld. Income Tax Appealate Tribunal. Basic ROC (Registrar of companies) work. Book Keeping, Maintaining accounting records, preparing accounts and management information. Preparation and Maintenance of various Statutory Registers Accounts Payable and Receivable Management Preparing financial statements, including monthly and annual accounts. Ensuring Proper TDS Deduction, Deposits and filling of Returns

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